Types of Membership

The Club has 196 members in three categories of membership:

  • Resident
  • Senior
  • Associate

Resident Membership

Property owners in Henlopen Acres are eligible to join the Beach Club as a Resident Member. Spouses and co-owners of a property are all included in a single membership.

New members for 2023 pay an initiation fee of $9,500 beginning January 1, 2023. Seasonal dues are paid each Spring based on the Dues Schedule below.

To apply for Membership, complete the New Resident Member Application Form and submit it to the Membership Chair, Wendy Jacobs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You will also be asked to complete the New Member Information Form to provide information on eligible family members who you wish to enjoy privileges at Club. (See below on Rights of Use by Family Members.) Photo ID may be required.

Senior Membership

After twelve (12) years as a Member, and upon approval of the Board of Directors, a Resident Member who gives up his/her property ownership in Henlopen Acres can apply to become a Senior Member. This status allows the Resident Member to continue to enjoy Club privileges upon payment of the seasonal dues. To apply for Senior Membership, contact the Membership Chair.

Associate Membership

At one time, the Club accepted a limited number of applications for membership from persons who did not own property in Henlopen Acres. Associate membership has been closed for many years. Today, the only way to join the Club is by owning property in the Acres.

Rights of Use by Family Members

Membership in the Beach Club is truly a wonderful family experience!

All unmarried members of the Member's immediate family (under the age of 23 and over the age of 11) are entitled to Club privileges without the payment of additional fees. This entitles them to use the Club without being escorted by the Member.

In addition, a Member may register other members of his/her Immediate Family to enjoy full unescorted privileges at the Club. The fee to register these other family members is $200 per season per additional family member/unit. Eligible members of the Immediate Family include:

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Children
  • Grandchildren
  • Great-grand-children

Note that if a Family Member/Unit is not registered and the fee is not paid, the individual(s) must be accompanied to the Club by the Member as a guest.

2023 Fee Schedule


Resident Members $1,700
Associate Members $1,850
Senior Members $1,850


Authorized Family Unit $250
Co-owners $250
New Member Initiation $9,500